Monday, November 19, 2007

Poster Feedback Questions

Your name________, today's date______, Proj abbr. title_____
1) Complete this for 5 posters, budget about 10-15min to collect and write about each. Take this seriously, it reflects the quality of your class participation.
2) Address the questions directly or indirectly, not necessary to hit every point, but responses should be thoughtful and to the point. 2 paragraphs in the very least, use the back if more space's needed.
3) Write legibly, write legibly, write legibly, messy is ok, but must be legible. Give them to the author when you're done.

View the poster, ask the authors about their project in general, grasp what its about.
a) Focus: Are their research questions getting at the heart of what they are seeing about the topic area?
b) Depth/Substance: Are the components convincingly addressing the research question to the fullest extent possible (as a term project)? How so?
c) Relationship/Connections: Which parts, if any, seem out of place or disconnected? How?
d) Breadth/Coverage: In the context of the topic/question, any elements you expect should, but isn't addressed here? Why?
e) Sourcing: Are the key points well supported by highly relevant and strong sources? How so?
f) Clarity: Are you able to see the same vision that the author paints for their project?
g) Anything else you'd like to tell the author.

Respond to Author's specific question(s), required.

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