Saturday, September 29, 2007

logistics 2.0

Created the groups in blackboard, so you should have access to grp email, file sharing, chat, etc various functions on it.

Still need the rest of the groups to create and send me the project blog site (see last post for instructions). It's highly recommended that a) manager or lead post a summary of the ideas on the topic so far, and b) everyone post their thoughts on the 2-4 themes/questions to work on. Prospectus needs to be done this weds; more prep work done outside of class = more productive use of in-class time = less likelihood of having to meet outside of class.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Grp logistic info

To project managers:
>Go to dashboard on blogger, create a new blog, then, from dashboard, click on settings, then permissions. From here, you have the option to send out an email to your members to make them an author as well (their email is available on blackboard).
>Comment here with the new blog address to add to the main site.
>Start the first post, summarizes the ideas already on the table, and open it up of other members to write in their ideas. More things you have on the table before monday, faster meetings will go in piecing together the prospectus due next weds.

To the Personal Info Mgmt grp:
Yes, after some thought, yea, email use and image management is cool but probably not cool enough. Personal information in digital age it is (aka privacy). Our information (address, email, phone #, possibly credit card info), are very very hot commodities in the grey market. Once personal information is online, it's cached somewhere, if it has value, it'll get used. There are legal components but the spammers aren't too concerned about it. This sounded like the track you guys want to go on, go for it.

Monday, September 24, 2007

passing thought

I feel really smart at this nano second in time. The whole your project is your new last name thing is opening up new doors in how we could share information we come across while we kill time on the net. Like I just come across an opinion article on college admissions which articulates a perspective on the issue in very persuasive terms. Looking at the class list, I see zachary's working on affirmative action, perfect, I'll go tag his post with the link and 2 lines on why this thing is interesting and may be of use to him.

*on sourcing*
Back to my statement on that you can use any and all sources for this course. However, that also means you are charged with the sole responsibility of using the sources appropriately. Non-authoritative sources can be used as leads to pursue ideas and inspirations, or as practical starts in chasing the lead to new relevant sources. General rule of thumb, use all sources; do not cite non-authoritative sources, unless you have clear purposes in doing so.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

This week

Monday we'll be meeting in class, then head over to the Davis Library together. Rita Moss, a Librarian on staff, will be hosting us and give a presentation/tour to start us off the Library section of the course. Bring questions relating to general library use or ones particular to what you might need (think ahead on needs w/ your topic). You'll likely be going back there, for certain indiv. topics, or when the search log assignment starts.