Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mid Semester

Search logs are due to blackboard drop box 30min prior to class.

The first assignment was mostly a freebie giveaway in terms of grading. The assignments and projects from mid semester and onward will take a heavy emphasis on quality.

The second half of this course is entirely project based. You need to set the agenda on your projects and move the work forward independently. My role will go from predominantly lecturing to a blend of lecturing and individual advising. I'll be setting aside blocks of time to meet students individually or in groups -- strongly suggest that you make the most use of these opportunities.

Specifically on the group projects, the week before your turn to go up, I need that learning statement and plans for sharing, printed out in paper form. Plan to meet with me on it and discuss details. Or more specifically, I need to see the social networking and PIM group real soon.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Coffee break w/ Leo, tues/weds

I'll be at the 2nd floor study/fishtank area in the student union. Feel free to stop by to chat about the your projects, grp projects, class topics, general questions, specific questions, classes/colleges/grad school etc etc.

Best to email me if you're coming, I'll be there tues (1-5ish) and weds (1-class time).

Today - Beyond Google

I) A look at 3 cases involving retrieving and analyzing information in everyday life.
>Laptop purchase, Booking a hotel - almost perfect information
>Stock portfolio simulator - imperfect information

II) Group exercises
a) go here, pick 2-3 search engines, be prepared to showcase why and how its interesting.
b) The haystack problem asks "just what are you looking for, anyway?" (Dr. Matthew Koll)
In your groups, brainstorm and formulate a working concept to this problem. Use the board for visuals and explain how the concept would work in concrete examples. You can draw inspirations from (a), or do the two tasks separately.
  • A known needle in a known haystack
  • A known needle in an unknown haystack
  • An unknown needle in an unknown haystack
  • Any needle in a haystack
  • The sharpest needle in a haystack
  • Most of the sharpest needles in a haystack
  • All the needles in a haystack
  • Affirmation of no needles in the haystack
  • Things like needles in any haystack
  • Let me know whenever a new needle shows up
  • Where are the haystacks?
  • Needles, haystacks -- whatever.