Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Intellectual Property

Q & A on "everything you want to know about intellectual copy right"

Ground rules for the day:
>Sit with your groups
>Each person can only answer once till everyone in the group had said something.
>Must stand up to talk;
>You can post-pone answering a question, note it and answer after researching later on.
>You can ask questions at any point, good questions and responses accrue points.

Blogsignment News article changed to bi-monthly update

Your topical blogs are now being re-purposed as a digital work space, similar in how grp blogs are being used. You can use it to post notes to yourself, short write-ups, etc., however it may help you advance the work.

The "news posting" blogsignment segment is getting changed to "bi-monthly update", 1x every 2wks. I'll be expecting about 4+ updates for the rest of the semester.
Update posting format (title as bi-monthly update):
>Discuss current state of the topic, things you've done, progresses made since last update, and things planned. Feel free to discuss major ideas, thoughts, reflections etc.
>A substantive 1-2 paragraph for each update.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Today - Citation Searching

Who the hell reads citations? You will :)
Also be prepared for critical and constructive discussion about your group projects.

Readings are back, for the copyright, copyleft session, go through those to get a grasp of the fundamental ideas.

We'll have a session on refworks citation management tool next weds with a guest speaker.

A sample annotated bibliography is on blackboard under assignments.