Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blogsignment (complete by 9/3 latest)

Blog a response to the following two questions in context of your work on your prospectus thus far, can be a direct or indirect response, as a new blog post on your page.

>Kulthau’s theory, esp the initial stages, do they fit with the processes that you are experiencing right now? How?
>What is my current information need (be specific)? What am I going to do now to fill this information need? Think in context of the stage you’re at.

Your blog should have,
>An about me section on the side panel, brief intro (name, major, and anything else you’d like to share)
>A link on the side panel to the class blog (
>Posted your current topic write-up (feel free to edit or post newer version as you go)
>Visit every classmates' blogs; make feedback comment on at least 3 of your peer's topic ideas.