Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Items for weds

Today's Discussion notes on the project, graciously made available by nina and michael
Lecture points:
>Walkthrough on the final portfolio deliverables (see revised doc on bboard).

>Poster details
>Everyone will get a form on poster day to answer 3-4 questions about each poster (fill out at least 5). Quality matters, these will be assessed as part of class participation. The poster owner will get all the question responses to assist them in their project, then turn the pile in with their portfolio.
>The 2 required questions are along the lines of, Address the primary strengths that you see in the project work so far, then the weakness as well (detailed version will be on the form).
>Poster owner can post 1-2 questions for their visitors to answer, think along the lines of "Answers to what aspects of my project from 20 people would help me in what I need to do next."
>By detailed response I mean at least a meaningful paragraph to each question, and you can get more information to do this by viewing the poster and interacting w/ the owner.

Class Discussion points:
>trouble spots and pitfalls thus far in progress toward the project
>perspectives on the indiv adjustments on grp projects

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