Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More Q & A

Q: Any advice on polishing the paper?
A: The expectation on the final paper is a piece of work that is as close to perfection as you can possibly construct. Having another person to check your statement logics and writings will definitively help. Either form an agreement with a classmate to mutually check each other's material, or make use of campus resources such as the writing center. Recommended for everyone, esp. so if you were ever cited by me on glaring errors, as I've generally let it slide on small assignments unless its really bad.

Q: What/when/where is everything due?
A: 10th, come drop it off during regular class time. Read the portfolio delivery doc on bboard, you might have very little or a whole lot to turn in.

Q: Citing interviews, how?
A: Cite as, J. Smith, personal communication, August 15, 2001 , in the bibliography. Then refer to it in-text "In an interview w/ person x, he emphasized the use of pesticides as the leading cause etc."

Q: Where to put the research questions?
A: State the primary question on the top of the first page in italics "What happened to the bees?"

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